002 | SPLASH
Dec 6 '1743m
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On this episode of Talkin’ Tom, Josie and Daniel deep dive into one of Tom Hanks’ earliest roles. The 1984 film SPLASH stars Tom as a love-lorn produce salesman who finds himself falling for a real life fish out of water. Stay tuned for a conversation about rom-com Tom, the logistics of being a mermaid and some thoughts on Mr. Hanks’ late night appearances. Plus, our first listener story about Tom! www.talkintom.com www.twitter.com/podhankstomcast www.instagram.com/podhankstomcast www.twitter.com/josievorenkamp www.twitter.com/thatdanielott Logo by Jackie Phillips (www.preciousbeast.com) Theme by JCW (www.thejcw.bandcamp.com)

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