How to Build a High Performance Team | 106


Jul 30, 201917m | se1 : e106
How to Build a High Performance Team | 106
Jul 3017m | se1e106
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In this episode, Gerritt talks about the power of having a team that works together like a well-oiled machine. To get his point across, he recounts some of his experiences being part of a SWAT Team. Gerritt tells valuable stories with lessons, both as a team member or as a leader. Are you a businessman managing groups of people? Or, are you a supervisor with people working under you? Gerritt shares five behaviors which you can teach your team so that you can achieve your full potential.


The Tactical Businessman is a podcast committed to one thing: Empowering people to find the answers they already know exist. Gerritt Bake is a retired SWAT officer and former undercover detective ready to equip you with the tools, tactics, and techniques needed to achieve success in every facet of your life. There is an approach to get what you want out of life..a tactical approach.

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