'Black Panther' with Director, Actor, and Dancer Delila Vallot

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Dec 20, 201849m
'Black Panther' with Director, Actor, and Dancer Delila Vallot
Dec 20 '1849m
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This week we are so lucky to have on director, actress, and dancer, Delila Vallot. Delila is a prolific worker and has too many credits to list. But some of her films as director include the thriller Tunnel Vision and the documentary Can You Dig This? which won a Jury Award at the Los Angeles Film Festival. On this episode she is here to discuss Black Panther. She and April talk about Michael B. Jordan's acting techniques and the effects of going method for a role. They touch upon how director Ryan Coogler was able to take a huge property like Black Panther and still make it personal. And they cover the intentional use of the actor's natural hair in the film and the importance of representing it in media.

If you haven't seen it yet, go watch Black Panther.

With April Wolfe with Delila Vallot.

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