Episode 52: The Ex Files

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Jan 22, 20181h 24m
Episode 52: The Ex Files
Jan 22 '181h 24m
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This episode we sat and talked about friendships with ya ex. We also discussed baby mama and baby daddy relationships and what you will accept when your gf/bf has one. It was a good debate! Vibe with us! This podcast was brought to you by audibletrial.com/SandS Intro by PBEEZY BEATS PLEASE like,comment,subscribe,rate and review on SoundCloud, Google Play and ITunes!! Hit us up!!! Twitter: SweatsNSuitspod IG: SWEATSNSUITSPODCAST FB: Sweats and Suits Podcast E-mail:Sweatsnsuits@gmail.com UrbanMogulLife.com Were on SoundCloud ITunes Google Play and Urbanmogullife.com

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