Episode 16: This is Us

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May 8, 20171h 51m
Episode 16: This is Us
May 8 '171h 51m
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This episode we bring on two women who probably know us the most Kourtney(Seth's Wife) and Celeste(Mother of Eric's daughter) There were a lot of things put on the table and talked about. Things really heated up in the FB live segment! Lots of great convo! Sweats & Suits Podcast Intro by PBEEZY BEATS PLEASE like,comment,subscribe,rate and review on SoundCloud, Google Play and ITunes!! Hit us up!!! Twitter: SweatsNSuitspod IG: SWEATSNSUITSPODCAST FB: Sweats and Suits Podcast E-mail:Sweatsnsuits@gmail.com UrbanMogulLife.com Were on SoundCloud ITunes Google Play and Urbanmogullife.com

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