Week 1 Recap

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Sep 11, 20171h 38m
Week 1 Recap
Sep 11 '171h 38m
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Barstool Sports presents Laces Out, a new NFL podcast featuring two former players, Pat McAfee and AJ Hawk, and Barstool blogger Jerry Thornton. In this week 1 recap, the crew discusses Operation ClownFace, the Patriots defensive struggles, and the debut of 2017 rookies Leonard Fournette, DeShon Kizer, and Deshaun Watson. That’s not all as McAfee, Hawk, and Thornton hit on McAfee and Hawk’s experience at an Ohio State fraternity (not frat) house this weekend, Antonio Cromartie’s 14th child despite having a vasectomy, and McAfee’s absurd attempts at making weight before training camp weigh ins. Other topics include LeGarrette Blount, Ezekiel Elliot's suspension, and the wide open AFC South.

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