Ep 59 - Thankful for Luke Cage

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Nov 20, 20181h 18m
Ep 59 - Thankful for Luke Cage
Nov 20 '181h 18m
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Need something to listen to on the long car trip home? Want a distraction from talking to your racist uncle or having to hear about your cousin's new get rich quick scheme? We've got a podcast for you!
Jacob and Matthew are pretty grateful for the newest season of Luke Cage, and on this episode we dive into why we liked the show and some of the questions it brought up. We talk about revenge, history, father-son and mother-daughter relationships, and whether Harlem needs a hero or a king. 
We recorded on the day of Stan Lee's death, so we also take a moment to pay tribute to the man who gave us so many of the stories we love and love to talk about.
**** SPOILER WARNING ****  This episode contains a lot of spoilers for Luke Cage Season 2. Do NOT listen unless you've already seen it or are ok with learning major plot details.
One important note- Jacob and Matthew are aware that the last thing the world needs is two more white guys talking about race and Luke Cage. As such, they were intentional in focusing on other issues, and want to encourage all of our listeners to check out some of the great black voices writing and podcasting about that. Below are just a few options, but there is a lot of great stuff out there.
Blackness, Birthright, and the Battle for Harlem: Intra-Racial Conflict in Marvel’s Luke Cage Season Two by Nicosia Shakes, The Black Scholar
Luke Cage’ Season 2 Taps into Black Consciousness by Christina Santi, Ebony Magazine
Sweet Christmas in Summer: A ‘Luke Cage’ Season Two Endorsement by Shawn Taylor, Nerds of Color
Agree or disagree with what we talked about, or want to add your own thoughts? Let us know! We recently started a Superhero Ethics Facebook Group, which is the best way to join in the conversations. You can also find us on Twitter or email us at superheroethics@gmail.com

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