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Credence in Climate Change
Dec 11 '1833m | se1e3
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Climate change is real and is becoming more accepted by the day. But there continues to be debate about whether we are contributing to the problem or are just innocent bystanders in the process.

While the arguments may appear to be heated between the two sides, a recent declaration may help to lower the volume. In a rather unprecedented move, the Vatican held a conference last year where they declared climate change to be caused in part by humans. They also called for action to reduce our effect on the planet.

On this week’s episode of The Super Awesome Science Show, we are given a guest pass into this rather unexpected event with Dr. Lise Van Susteren, a Psychiatrist who specializes in climate change and psychological health. We find out what it was like to be in the room and how a centuries-old rift between science and religion was mended, at least for this topic.  

We also explore with Dr. Van Susteren a relatively unknown consequence of climate change for which she is an expert:  mental health. We discuss how disasters and other threats can lead to worry, panic, and even depression.

In our SASS Class, we take a look at different but maybe even more troubling effect of climate change. I talk with Dr. Nathan Mueller of the University of California, Irvine, who has recently published a report saying that global warming could threaten our beer supply. He also discusses whether we should prepare for the worst by stocking up.

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Dr. Lise (Lisa) Van Susteren, Psychiatrist
Dr. Nathan Mueller, Assistant Professor at University of California, Irvine.
Twitter: @muellern

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