FAF: How to combat the inefficiencies of formal education with Christian Bell

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Sep 1, 201752m
FAF: How to combat the inefficiencies of formal education with Christian Bell
Sep 1 '1752m
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This week I brought a special guest on - my second cousin Christian Bell. It was an absolute pleasure to chat with him. He has uniquely varied experiences in formal education, Ivy League schools, government, and small business that provide well-rounded perspectives on the pros and cons of each. 

We chat about:

  • Ineffectiveness of government and lack of incentive
  • Checking the appropriate boxes to get into Ivy League schools
  • Christian's experience at various Ivy League schools (Oxford, Yale etc.)
  • Education doesn't foster curiosity, most of the time it even beats it out of you.
  • How important are the "regular" school subjects, for example history? Should you take the time to learn it even though you may never use it again? Or should you only invest your time into your natural curiosities? Or both?
  • Many shirts are too short for my torso 
  • Is a degree in business necessary to start your own business?
  • If you are going to college - be intentional!
  • Free college only serves to lower the overall value of a college degree. 



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