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What's Your Network Marketing Business Hook
Jan 26 '1512m
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In today’s show, I’m going to share some ideas on how to set yourself apart from the "crowd" of network marketers, people in your company and others in home  business. Why would someone want to join with you? What makes you unique?

Everyone needs a business "Hook" to engage prospects.



We’ve spent the last few shows going through how to launch a business, where I am sharing with you exactly the steps I am taking to grow a business from start to finish.


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What's Your Network Marketing Business Hook


The concept of setting yourself apart from others in your company, the profession of network marketing and home business is important so you don't begin to sound like a broken record -


"Join me, our products are the BEST!"


"Take THESE, we have these patents pending!"


"Guess who uses our products and endorses them? The US National Reality TV Watching Marathon Team!"


Guess what? No one cares about that. It sounds like a sales pitch!


Tell people what you DO -


I help women look and feel their best by....


I help those who have problems with low energy in the afternoon overcome that...


Whatever fits for your products.


So, look at your product line and pick one product from your line that you can FOCUS on. You can always back end the OTHER products.


But find one that is easy to develop a hook around.


Then, figure out your hook as a business partner. Sell the benefits for working with you!


I teach others how to develop a solid business offline and online. I built a team of over 10,000 offline, and have personally enrolled over 1800 people who came to me through social media. I share how to do this with my team, including the exact steps I have taken.


I love working with moms and teaching them how to build an amazing business, from home, with their children by their side, using social media and other tools!



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