May 9, 201719m
Trust Your Gut in Building Your Solopreneur Business
May 9 '1719m
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You’re Listening to the Street Smart Wealth Podcast, show 302. Our Monday Mantra - I trust my gut and I follow my heart. I’ll be sharing why this is so true in business and a little of my story in taking my Direct Sales Business online, the naysayers and how Social Media is a tool for anyone. So, trust your gut in Building Your Solopreneur Business.

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I’m excited to share  with you that is now live. I have taken my 20 plus years of networking online and offline for success and created a training program to teach YOU how to create an endless stream of leads, prospects, sign ups and referral partners for your business.

A lot of people GO to networking events. But few know how to monetize them. Now, you can be one of those few.

Had a great conversation about Networking events with my interior designer, who hates networking events. Listen in as I share how that mindset of “Networking events don’t work” is a flawed thought process.

They DO work. Like crazy. I’ve been to networking events where over half the people there are in some type of Network Marketing company.

Trust Your Gut in Building Your Solopreneur Business

Have you ever had that absolute sense of knowing that you are on to something SOLID? And your gut is telling you that you are good to go, and to go for it?

Did you feel that way when you started to build your own business? Maybe it’s in Direct Sales, or Real Estate?

Maybe some told you that you were crazy, and to get your head out of the clouds?

Or that it would never work?

I had plenty of people tell me that when I decided to build my Network Marketing business online.

I began building a Direct Sales home business (offline) in 1994, and in 1999, I took my business to the Internet. I was an average home based business owner (a mom with two pre-school aged children, a husband gone half the month and a huge desire for more, ha!) before the Internet. I was not setting any records. I had success and did make money, but much of it was a struggle; much of it consisted of ways of doing the business that did not appeal to me.

I made my warm market list; contacted people and developed the skills I needed to talk to people about my business. I joined networking groups, the Chamber of Commerce and did all of the traditional methods you hear about. I struggled with contacting people in the beginning, and never wanted to be someone who chased my friends, family, neighbors and anyone who came within "3 feet of me!" Heard that story before?

I was just a stay-at-home mom who wanted to create something more for my family and future. I didn’t want my husband to have the stress of supporting a family of 4 on one income. I didn’t want to leaf through travel magazines and wish we could travel, too.

That was it! I was greener than green. Here are words and concepts I knew nothing about -

URL – had no idea what that term meant.

Domain name – See above.

Auto responder – that sounded WAY too techie to even think about. Even lead capture or splash page.

Search Engine, Optimize, Pay Per Click – all foreign terms.

Social Media Marketing – that term didn't even exist!!!

Here is what I did know –

The facts and figures associated with this growing phenomenon called The Internet was/is staggering. I wanted to be a part of it. I knew it was the answer to my prayers for growing a successful business. I knew this was going to be my ticket to success in MLM. I knew that it was going to take some effort, and it would be the best decision I would ever make. I knew this was how a stay-at-home mom with small children was going to make Network Marketing work!

I was sold. And, there was no turning back for me. I rolled up my sleeves and got busy.

Here’s what happened – it exceeded my wildest expectations. It created exactly what I wanted in a business from home and in Network Marketing, Information and Affiliate Marketing.

It allowed me to toss my advertising and paid leads list; stop hanging out in coffee shops waiting to be no-showed by my prospect; stop spending hours at weekly meetings; and, it allowed me to have my business out in front of big numbers of people without even needing to be physically present.

Pinch me! It was a dream come true, and quite honestly, I’m still lost in the dream! Except, it is really happening.

Today, I am hired to coach and train not only those in Direct Sales, but also Real Estate Agents, Mortgage Lenders, Solopreneurs, and many others.

Because like I knew nearly 18 years ago that my audience was going to the internet looking for answers, they know THEIR audience is there, too!

Old School methods will always work. And, never bury your head in the sand to new school techniques either.

That’s why it’s always important to trust your gut in Building Your Solopreneur Business

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