Success Language Skills For Contacting and Inviting Your Direct Sales Prospect

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Jan 19, 201516m
Success Language Skills For Contacting and Inviting Your Direct Sales Prospect
Jan 19 '1516m
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We’ve spent the last few shows going through how to launch a business, where I am sharing with you exactly the steps I am taking to grow a business from start to finish.


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Success Language for Contacting Your Prospects


Contacting and Inviting is the gateway skill you must learn and master to be successful, it’s an art and a skill.


Once I learned it, everything changed. I went from being in sales mode to solutions provider and I learned how to handle every network marketing prospecting situation that came up.


I cover this in


Most people aren’t trained on this topic. They sign up in their Direct Sales company, given a basic training and an idea of what to say and sent out to make that list and start contacting people.


We get into sales mode when we talk too much about the ingredients in the products, the celebrity endorsements and a lot of fancy words and concepts tossed around that we think is going to bring in our prospect.


But, that is not what “sells.”


What was it that brought you into the business? What caused you to get out your credit card and hit submit?


Did you have a product experience?


Or, maybe you just caught the vision of what was possible with your network marketing business.


Whatever it was, this is likely what you will want to share


Review show 127 for ideas on building your active candidate list and how to edit it properly.


You will contact them in different ways.


Spend some time developing some ideas of what you will say to  your


Hot Market

Friends and Family

People you’ve been in network marketing before

Those already in a Direct Sales business


and so on.


A big mistake many network marketers make is getting signed up and blasting some advertising pitch on their Facebook page.


Beware - Facebook is REALLY cracking down and shutting down Facebook advertising accounts, so make sure you know what you are doing. 


That’s ok - I have sponsored many people from Facebook just by reaching out and building relationships.


I sponsored 5 people just this past week through my Facebook Prospecting methods.


Learn more in Facebook For Direct Sales Profits.


People don’t come to Facebook to get advertised and sold to; they are there for social and fun. That doesn’t mean they aren’t open, you just have to be specific in how you do it.


You also don’t want to blast out anything big to your email list, either. You give away your ability to generate leads and interest and have no idea who to follow up with.


So, again, go back and start with your reasons why for building a business.


Contacting those who have been involved in a Direct Sales business before is an important piece. Why? Because they have been open in the past and may be again, BUT, you want to contact them carefully so as not to appear that you want to draw them away from what they are doing now.






Write That List.


Sort That List.


Write out what you will see in different situations, to build rapport, create curiosity, ask permission.


Remember the third party approach. - Details on my new business launch with my daughter.






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