May 1, 201720m
Staying Flexible Building Your Solopreneur Business
May 1 '1720m
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You’re Listening to the Street Smart Wealth Podcast, show 301. We have a lot to cover on today’s show - Our Monday Mantra - I stay focused on my true desire; 
The challenges I have had with the Podcast, my website and other issues, which leads to today’s primary topic - Staying Flexible Building Your Solopreneur Business; and some shifts I am making to my Solopreneur business.

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Staying Flexible Building Your Solopreneur Business

What a wild few weeks it has been. Have you missed me (GRIN!)

Let’s start with writing down our Monday Mantra - I stay focused on my true desire.

I have really been tested around this topic lately, which makes this Mantra so fitting.

First - iTunes and the Podcast.

I have had some major website challenges with “instability” and iTunes kicked me out of the store this past week, after my “RSS Feed” for my podcast began going up and down.

Techie stuff is NOT my strength or forte, and I am still in the process of getting it fixed. And, I WILL get it fixed.

I had a choice when it happened. Freak out; fall into a deep pit of despair, since it is a major source of leads and traffic, or take a deep breath, repeat the mantra and remember that above all, I am on track with the topic - Staying Flexible Building Your Solopreneur Business!”

People quit, people say no, websites go up and down. Shizzle happens!

How we react controls everything.

I am fully focused on my end goal and true desire, so I am not going to get frazzled by the little things that are fixable.

Have you read Rich Dad, Poor Dad or Cashflow Quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki? I read these in 1998 ish and they changed my whole perspective on what I am building. I am building a business asset for the long haul.

Are you?

When you know what you love, desire and are working toward, it’s easy to push through the little challenging obstacles and just keep going!!

You just have tunnel vision when you have a goal.  Keep going, no matter what.

As I mention on the show, I have some shifts going on in my business.

I would love to discuss these with you if you are open and looking. - and let’s have a conversation! And remember each day that you are Staying Flexible Building Your Solopreneur Business!

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