Putting the Marketing in Your Network Marketing Business

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Aug 4, 201422m
Putting the Marketing in Your Network Marketing Business
Aug 4 '1422m
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Welcome to the Street Smart Wealth Podcast, show  #81.


You’ve started a business, now what do you DO with it? Who do you share it with, and how? Let’s talk about MARKETING your business.



Welcome to the show! 


Today, I’m covering how to really market your business. Have you ever signed someone up, and had them balk at sharing their new business with anyone they know? Or, maybe you’ve felt this way?


I’m going to share the different ways you can market your business!



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So many people sign up in their business, often
a network marketing  business, and then they really
don't understand the MARKETING part of it.


One of the most common comments or questions I get from those in the Street Smart Wealth community is - how do I find people to talk to?


Well, that’s crazy, there is no shortage!


3 million people a day go online looking for a financial solution!


Like any business, our business only thrives
when we have people looking at it regularly,
evaluating it and making a decision.


Think of Starbucks, or home depot. How do they make money?


Their store is OPEN. They don’t make money when the doors are closed and neither do YOU!


There are only so many ways to get your business out there -


Warm Market/Circle of Influence



Networking Events


Purchased Leads



Let’s cover each one -


Warm Market/Circle of Influence


The most logical place to start and when you know WHAT and HOW to say it, and the next steps, you will do just fine. Remember that 3 million a day who go online? How many of those might you know?







Ask people who they know who fits a certain criteria



How many times have you signed someone
up and had them balk at talking to their
warm market?



Maybe YOU have even done this, too?



When you have other options and a system in place that you can slide
someone right into, where they can begin to market
and generate leads, you will create a duplication
machine in your business.





Out and about, restaurants, servers, sales clerks in retail and so on



Networking Events


These take time and are best served when you lead with the product




Newspapers, local magazines, moms mags, billboards, radio



Purchased Leads


There is a specific way to work these effectively.


Show notes - JackieUlmer.com/081




Two ways to work leads -


Call, Email, Mail


Direct mail WORKS!


Do you have more time, or money?


Do you want to better qualify?



Postcard marketing, combined with names

and addresses of those who are LOOKING

for a business is a sure way to create that in your







Imagine what it will feel like to have a solution to

offer someone who wants to get going, but is

reluctant with their warm market, or who has run

out of warm market.



It's nothing short of STUNNING!


Bottom line - you must be marketing to ever move your business forward.


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1.  Decide what methods you will use to market your business.

2.  Make a 3 - 6 month commitment to work these methods and master the skills

3.  Have a system then that you can share and duplicate with your team.

4.  Never disregard warm market.



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