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Jan 13 '1712m
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You’re Listening to the Street Smart Wealth Podcast, show 275. In today's show we are going to go through 4 steps that you can use to plan to succeed in direct sales. 

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Many people start a business in Direct Sales.It's not that difficult and people do it every day. What very few do though is actually plan to succeed. 

Think about how little it takes to start- a decision and room on a credit card. It takes much more to make a success of that decision, however. 

So here are 4 simple steps that if followed can take you to the level you want in your Direct Sales business. 

These aren't rocket science. But most people don't follow these 4 steps. Have you? 

#1 - Get very clear about what it is you want from your direct sales business. Write it down, very clearly and in very specific detail. Do you want to quit your job? This means you want to create a full time, replacement income from your Direct Sales business. 

How much does that mean you need to make after expenses and taxes? What do you need to be netting? 

Think about this step. Have you taken it? Have you clearly written down what you really want from your Direct Sales business? 

#2 - Find an accountability partner. Then, share your written intention with this person and ask him/her to hold you accountable. It's like a gym buddy. You are much more likely to see the job through when you have someone to answer to. Sadly, most of us can't or won't do it on our own. 

An accountability partner can become not only a good friend, but a strong companion in building your business. So, choose this person wisely. 

#3 - Do something every day that shows that you are serious and committed to your goal; your reason why; your intention. It can be one thing, or it can be many things. Single Daily Actions that are income producing activities are the key to making things happen. 

Busy work such as conference calls, checking email, surfing on facebook are all forms of distraction and procrastination. 

#4 - Do something each day that stretches you a little. It could be contacting someone on your "chicken list" or hosting  a live call. These stretch are what will get your to your goal faster. 

You'll find that once you stretch yourself  and it doesn't kill you, you'll begin to stretch even more and find leaving your comfort zone it easy. 

So there you have 4 simple, yet often challenging steps you can take to Plan to Succeed in Direct Sales. 

My question for you is - are you ready? Will you do it? Will you Plan to Succeed in Direct Sales? 

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