How to Use Networking Events to Build Your Direct Sales Business

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Jun 25, 201410m
How to Use Networking Events to Build Your Direct Sales Business
Jun 25 '1410m
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Hi, it’s Jackie Ulmer and welcome to show 55 in the Question and Answer edition of the Street Smart Wealth, Profit in Your PJs Podcast


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What you’ll find monday through Friday in this podcast are proven concepts and action steps that you can take to grow your network marketing business both online and offline. From success language that will resonate with your prospects, to how to use Facebook to Sponsor others, we cover it all here, 5 days a week!


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Networking events can be a great way to meet people and develop new warm market. And, there are some solid strategies to work these events and gain interest, without turning off the crowd to network marketing. I’m going to cover how today!


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How do I work Networking Events effectively? Do I lead with Product or Opportunity?


Thanks to Kim Kennedy for sharing her question, and I know this is one other have..






Rules of the Networking Group - BNI


Flow of the Event


Your Elevator Pitch - be catchy and memorable - I help people who…vs…my product does this, this and this….




10 minute presentations


The meeting after the meeting - referrals


Follow Up



Remember this - while you are around business oriented people, most are there to work their own business and are not there looking for a business. This doesn’t mean they aren’t open to something else, you just have to take the time to develop a relationship, probe, test and reach out.


Referrals are powerful - who do you know who?


Become the go to person in your product niche and be a go giver!


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