Jun 13, 201511m
How to Increase Your Warm Market Through Social Media
Jun 13 '1511m
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How to Increase Your Warm Market Through Social Media


Your Listening to the Street Smart Wealth Podcast, show 168 and today we are going to cover a question from Sam about how to get more Friends, Followers, Likes, Shares and Engagement on Social Media to help you brand yourself and promote your Network Marketing success team!

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Friends, Followers, Likes, Shares and Engagement on Social Media to Increase Warm Market


This is really pretty simple. It’s a process, and you have to get out and market your business.


On Social Media, we do the same, and the best way to get engagement is to BE engaging first.


Develop a strategy and a plan. You must know what to do and when to do it on a daily/weekly basis to be successful. Write things down. Use a daytime and reminders so you stay current with what to do when.


This will get you into a flow of your daily routine. So, you need your social media time incorporated into your day.


You must be out there engaging with the people you want to attract.


Understand the Facebook algorithms and how they work. You can see up to 300 pieces of content in your newsfeed at a time. You can force more by getting out of your newsfeed, but never assume people are aware of what you are doing because you’ve posted it on Facebook.


Sort your friends into lists and check in regularly so you know what your groups are doing on a regular basis. This keeps Facebook feeding you good content ongoing.


You’ve got to practice the 80/20 rule - Social, Fun and Engaging 80% of the time, and business only 20% of the time.


People are not on Facebook to be sold, but they will buy when it is done right!


As you engage with others, you will show up more in their newsfeed, too.


Twitter and Instagram run on Hashtags, so you want to understand what hashtags your target audience is looking for and be researching and engaging with people using those same hashtags.


Create a relationship with people, which is called creating new warm market, and some will become interested in your business over time.


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