How to Effectively Invite Prospects to Look at Your Direct Sales Business

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Mar 12, 201518m
How to Effectively Invite Prospects to Look at Your Direct Sales Business
Mar 12 '1518m
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On today’s show, we will cover 
How to invite prospects to take a look at your Direct Sales and Network Marketing business. Master this gateway skill and you will be successful.

We’ve spent the last few shows going through how to launch a business, where I am sharing with you exactly the steps I am taking to grow a business from start to finish.

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Inviting is one of the most important gateway skills you must learn and master to be successful in your Direct Sales business.



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How to Invite Prospects to Take a Look at Your Business.


Have a plan; know every steps in the process. Don’t wing it and leave it to chance.


If you are prepared, you can easily impart knowledge and interest with the words you share.


Stay out of sales mode. You aren’t selling here, your goal is to get them to take a look.


Have a basic script without sounding scripted.


Write it out, practice it, put into bullet points and become a master at communicating what you do.


Use tools - don’t try to explain it.


Don’t use a tool that goes so far into details that it overwhelms them.


See the invitation by paying attention to cues offline and by what is shared on social media.


Honor what they are currently doing and be respectful if they say know. Don’t burn bridges and don’t offend with comments like - 


I’m going to need someone to mow my grass and clean my house, and so on.


Share success stories casually as you talk with people.


When out networking, share exactly what you do to make money - don’t be sketchy. Let them know.


Develop your own success story to share, and model in any way that you can how it works.


Send thank you cards for those who look and even those who say know. Stay top of mind!





Plan for Success; know your process.


Write out your scripts and practice.


Know the tools you will use.


Learn how to seed your invitation; don’t just pounce, learn to casually share stories that relate to what they are sharing.


Ask for referrals.



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