Closing Out Year 2019 and the Decade to Prepare for 2020

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Closing Out Year 2019 and the Decade to Prepare for 2020
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Welcome to one of the most powerful shows of the year, where we close out the year, and in this case, the decade as well, and prepare to really rock the new year and decade coming.

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On the last show, we discussed choosing your focus word - 

I've learned how to bring each year together to make them build on each other.

Focus word from prior years -


2018 - Systemize - this was all about getting systems in place so my business flows smoothly and I know what step to be taking with each person I meet; who enters my marketing funnel; and who I am building a relationship with.

2019 - Mastering Practice - what are the key few things that must be practiced consistently to move me forward in all areas of my life?

2020 - Accomplished - my plan is to start each day planning what is required daily for me to check the accomplished box on where my focus us for that day at the end of the day.


I spent the year 2018 getting the right systems in place for my business. In 2019, I developed my plan for Mastering the Practice of the few areas of commitment and consistency that needed to be done to master the practice of success in each of my value areas; my content areas; and my priority areas, which are what I call my 5 Favorite F Words, which are -



Family and Friends





So, I went back through my calendar planners for the last decade, and see how each year unfolded.


As I have shared, life is 50/50.


50% positive and flowing; and 50% frustration and unhappiness.


Looking back on my decade, and each year, I can pick out the solid years and the years of frustration and struggle and see what worked and what didn’t.


The overwhelming theme in the years of frustration are those years that lacked clarity, commitment and consistency, which are the keys to moving a business forward.


And, my marketing fell way short!


I’ve been conflicted on what it is exactly I want to focus on in my business.


Am I still building a Network Marketing business?


Am I more focused on coaching?

Business or Confidence and life coach?



Marketing is where I really dropped the ball, and my conflicted state of business is a big reason why.


Again, remembering that life is 50/50. and knowing this going in allows you to stay in control and self coach yourself to any success.


I don’t believe there is such a thing as luck, or coincidence.


Every year offers us lessons and growth.


5 Minute Rule -


It happened.


I can’t change it.


I have 5 minutes to whine, cry, weep and vent and then reach for that next area of stretch and growth that we can gain from it.


As Byron Katie says - you can argue with the past, and you’ll lose 100% of the time.


We can’t control most things. People, or circumstances.


We can control our ultimate reaction to is.


Questions for closing out the year and decade -


Who do I want to become?


Who am I now?


What is not matching with who I am now and who I want to become?


What actions do I need to change to become that person? Achieve that goal?

Do I believe it’s possible for me to become that person? Achieve that goal?


Do I believe it’s probable?


Am I willing to commit to the actions, thoughts and feelings needed to become that person and achieve that goal?


Who do I serve?


How do I serve them?


How do I handle mistakes I have made?


How do I learn from those mistakes?


What steps do I need to be taking today to become that person and achieve those goals?


How do I decide what to say yes to?


What to say no to?


What are my priorities in each area of my life?


What’s the number one priority in each of these areas?


This next month, and throughout the year, I will be focusing a lot on my 3 Cs -






Stay tuned for more of that!


Thanks for listening.

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