When Being the Hero Becomes Harmful

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Jan 10, 201955m
When Being the Hero Becomes Harmful
Jan 1055m
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Superheroes, white knights, saviors. They are the stuff of the best storybooks, aren’t they?!? What could possibly be wrong with wanting to be a rescuer? Sadly, in personal relationships, the compulsion to rescue others or be the hero can be very damaging to both partners. The rescue itself can be from anything – unhappiness, financial chaos, substance abuse, depression, abuse, medical issues, or a wounded past. While it can be noble to help a friend or partner through such tragedies, becoming the hero can turn into a dark addiction for the rescuer. Do you feel compelled to rescue others? Or know someone in an unhealthy pattern of saving others? Listen in as Sandra and frequent guest, Georgia Dow, discuss the hidden dangers of feeling the need to rescue others and how to break free from this pattern.

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