Aug 22, 201817m
The Flying Adventures of Lizzy Lizard 🦎 written by Angela Ferrari
Aug 22 '1817m
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Written and narrated by Angela Ferrari. This week we invite guest narrator Angela Ferrari from Story Spectacular to bring us a story. 🦎 Lizzie the lizard wants to be a flying lizard and discover new places, when she grows up. But her parents tell her lizards can’t fly and that she should be a fruit gatherer just like them. Lizzie isn’t ready to accept that. “I am going to become the first flying lizard! Just you wait and see!" she tells them. As it turns out, Lizzie might just get her wish after all, thanks to an unexpected meeting with the Lizard Wizard. But has she really thought this through? Being able to fly would make her different from all the other lizards and it can be hard fitting in when you’re not like the others. Lizzie’s new wings are set to take her on an unforgettable adventure. How will it all turn out?! This story is suitable for children ages 3+

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