Chapter 13
Feb 2144m
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Chapter 13 - Conquistadors. It's 7.50am on 21st February 2019 and there is still many centuries of work to be done. But nature is either giving Richard his blessing or spying on him from above, as he does his best to get his job done without being shopped by the Stone Stasi. Is stone clearing the cure for all mental illness? Or is it just adding to the issue? Will Richard manage to hit the stone pole? Will the world be saved from disaster by a contribution to the ditch? How many weeks before the main cairn meets up with the next cairn along? Are stones as precious as gold? Or more precious? All these questions will be asked and not answered in this thrilling episode. Thanks for all the emails. It's very hard to mention everyone who is writing in, but you can join the likes of Brenda Dogbin by contacting Rich at herring1967@gmail.com.

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