Chapter 11
Feb 237m
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Chapter 11: Frozen Stocean. It's February 2nd 2019 and Hertfordshire has been coated in the gametes of the Ice Gods, trying to thwart ye noble Ftone Clearerf for anofer feafon. Richard has some tips on how to stone clear in the snow, but to be honest, this is first proper go and he's just making it up as he goes along. The stone cupboard that is the ground is frozen shut and yet does that not make the discovery of the odd stone all the more valuable? How many stones did you clear today? So dare you judge a man who has cleared more stones than you? Will Richard meet any of the superstitious villagers or will they be scared away by the white blanket that has enveloped the field? Will he find any ammo and manage to hit the sign post? What will become of the world if he can't find a stone to throw into the ditch to calm the angry snow gods? Etc. Picture by Kittie-Wai More stone clearing info at www.richardherring.com/warmingup. Warning! Includes some non-stone material

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