Tim Armoo, CEO Fanbytes - How to Influence People

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Mar 3, 20181h 34m
Tim Armoo, CEO Fanbytes - How to Influence People
Mar 3 '181h 34m
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Despite his 23 years, Tim Armoo’s reputation for ingenuity and audacious business plays precedes him, most recently as the founder and CEO of influencer marketing platform, FanBytes. A company described by the BBC as “…[owning] the mind of Generation Z”. We discuss his Tedx talk in which he describes the different manifestations of his identity from his early failures as a swimmer turned magician to his first company at 14 and his second which was acquired when he was 17. We dive into the exciting space of influencer marketing from both a brand and influencer perspective. Tim evaluates the inexorable development of SnapChat as the heir apparent of on-demand TV for the new generation. He recounts his phone blowing up with angry fan engagement after one slightly off-key campaign. And in light of this, we examine the rise, fall and possible resurgence of infamous YouTube super-influencer, Logan Paul. We then get onto Tim’s interesting approach to the entrepreneurial existence including the Eisenhower productivity matrix, Alexa-powered mornings and intermittent fasting. There’s even a recruitment plug for a cool role at FanBytes at the end… Tim has an easy manner which made for a very conversational interview. We’ve really enjoyed listening to it back!

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