NFL Broadcasting/Kaepernick Nike Roundtable. PLUS: Scott Hanson & Liam McHugh

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Sep 6, 20181h 36m
NFL Broadcasting/Kaepernick Nike Roundtable. PLUS: Scott Hanson & Liam McHugh
Sep 6 '181h 36m
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Episode 21 of the Sports Media Podcast features four guests. The first segment is a roundtable with Black Sports Online founder and editor Robert Littal and Newsday sports columnist and reporter Neil Best. In the podcast, the three of us discuss what CBS, Fox, ESPN, and NBC have in store for you this year when it comes to the NFL; the changes we are most curious about regarding the networks that air NFL games; how the networks will cover the intersection of social justice and football; our thoughts on how the Colin Kaepernick/Nike story has played out over the first few days; opportunism in the sports media and cable television regarding Kaepernick; the new ESPN Monday Night Football booth and much more. The next segment features Scott Hanson, the longtime host of of NFL RedZone, as well as co-host of NFL Network’s NFL Total Access along with Lindsay Rhodes. We discuss why people are interested in the NFL Red Zone; who he envisions is his audience; how many people watch; the changes to this year’s production; why people were so fascinated by him taking a bathroom break last year; Tom Brady being a fan of the show, and much more. The final guest, NBC’s McHugh, discusses his new hosting role on Football Night In America; whether versatility in sports broadcasting is something that can be monetized; his work hosting the NHL and the Olympics; his dream of doing something with international soccer; working in different parts of the country before landing at NBC, why we don’t hear much about him away from the camera; what he hopes to do in the future, and much more.    You can subscribe to this podcast on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Stitcher and more.

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