Stewart Mandel and Seth Davis of The Athletic

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Aug 31, 20171h 21m
Stewart Mandel and Seth Davis of The Athletic
Aug 31 '171h 21m
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Episode 134 of the Sports Illustrated Media podcast features two staffers from The Athletic: Stewart Mandel, the editor-in-chief of The All American, a national college football site for The Athletic, and Seth Davis, the managing editor of The Fieldhouse, which will focus on national college basketball for The Athletic. In this podcast, Mandel discusses what kind of content his site will produce; why he made the writer hires he did; why he has not hired any writers or color; his not being renewed by Fox Sports and when he learned Fox Sports was eliminating all written content to pivot to talking-head videos; how he would convince someone not from the local areas of the Athletic to sign up for it; how to convince people to pay for content they are used to getting free; the college football teams with the most NFL talent; what he has learned about being an editor, and much more.   Davis discusses why he engages in politics on social media; whether he worries that discussing political or social issues will cost him potential readers; how CBS feels about him tweeting politics; who he has hired for The Athletic and why he hired them; when his site will launch; how The Athletic will be seen in college basketball circles, the importance of breaking news versus commentary, and much more.    You can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, Google Play and Stitcher.  

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