Oct 5, 201749m
Dana O'Neil of The Athletic
Oct 5 '1749m
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Episode 141 of the Sports Illustrated Media podcast features Dana O’Neil, a senior writer for The Athletic’s national college basketball site, The Fieldhouse. In this podcast O’Neil discusses why she joined The Athletic; the state of college basketball amid the current scandal; what stories she will work on for The Athletic; her reaction to being let go by ESPN; how ESPN informed her they would not renew her deal; her feelings on seeing ESPN make new hires; the restrictions ESPN put on those who remained under contract but not working; dealing with coaches she has written critical about; the player she is most looking forward to watching in college basketball this year; the percentage of Division I teams she thinks recruit unethically; how she balanced writing a book on Jay Wright and Villanova and then covering the school; whether coaches are praised too much on television; how forthcoming assistant coaches are as sources and much more.   You can subscribe to the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Google Play and Stitcher.

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