THS EP 23: What Is A Starseed+Shifting Your Mindset

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May 1, 201959m
THS EP 23: What Is A Starseed+Shifting Your Mindset
May 159m
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In this episode of The Holistic Sojourner Podcast, Life Coach Rejys chats with Sasha of StarBoundEarthSeed about the starseed movement and what it means to be a starseed, how she came into this movement through her own personal journey in spirituality, what being a millennial in the spiritual community is like for her, and how she has made her own career as a virtual assistant to spiritual entrepreneurs. We go DEEP into the spiritual woo woo and talk about Astrology, Tarot, and waking up your consciousness. Ever heard of Light Language? We talk all about that too!! Sasha is a mentor, energy healer, cosmic-minded and heart-rooted guide in the evolution of consciousness and helps her clients move through the awakening process. She uses modalities such as astrology, etheric extraterrestrial contact, past life remembrance, and card slinging in session with her clients, as well as her own practice, to facilitate the shifts in energy needed in the now. You can find her work at Please Like, Share, and Subscribe and leave me a review on iTunes!! Submit your suggested topics at Ready to live your purpose? Get my FREE Millennial Life Crisis Guide at Apply for a spot in my 90-Day program Destiny at Connect with like minded women and Join the Millennial Life Purpose Facebook Group at Thanks so much for listening! MUSIC: Artist: Nicolai Heidlas Title: New Places *Royalty FREE music Standard License: CC BY License 4.0 (Creative Commons)

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