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Jun 12 '1429m
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During their six or seven-year tenure, Kutztown, PA, five-piece emo outfit The Jazz June emerged during a period when the rules of the game were quickly changing. Grunge and alt-rock had come and gone, leaving their considerable mark on the MTV generation, and soon the A&R reps would be banging down the doors of ‘90s era emo bands still operating in the underground, dominating the D.I.Y. venues in both the U.S. and Europe, hoping to make them the “next big thing”. Although the Jazz June flew mostly below the radar and made left a relatively small mark on the genre when compared to some of their peers, perhaps no other one of these bands left a larger impact on Dayton, Ohio.

Disbanding originally in 2002, the band has reformed a handful of times – once in 2006 and again in 2010. In October 2013 the band will again take the stage at the Topshelf Records CMJ showcase on October 19 at St. Vitus in Brooklyn.

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