04: They Killed Dulcie - Prisons of the Past

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Apr 17, 201928m
04: They Killed Dulcie - Prisons of the Past
Apr 17 '1928m
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In the fourth episode of the podcast They Killed Dulcie, the time has come to look at the evidence. What was Dulcie investigating when she was killed? We dust off archival documents found by Open Secrets that provide important clues. These documents once buried in archives across the world help us understand the secret network of intelligence agents, arms dealers and bankers, who made their fortunes by arming and sustaining the apartheid government. We also find Dulcie September's personal notes not seized by intelligence agencies and double agents. Through scribbles and notes we begin to understand how Dulcie was investigating the murky networks of apartheid profiteers which for far too long have remained unexposed. If Dulcie was trying to expose the illicit arms trade connecting South Africa and countries like France was this the reason that an assassin was ordered to have her “removed from the equation?”

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