Apr 19, 20201h 58m
Tastes Like 73 Cents
Apr 191h 58m
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Biden! Biden! he's our man! If he can't do it, Trump gets elected again! RZA vs DJ Premier was legendary but nothing like the beat battle between Dep and Holle. This and much more! Stay tuned! The Quarantine Tapes Vol. V Subscribe, rate and review us on #iTunes and #GooglePlay and WIN FREE PRIZES!!!!! Like and comment on #Soundcloud Like our #Facebook page. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram. Download the iHeartRadio app and follow us on iHeartRadio. Email us. Check out the website. Order our t-shirts, coffee mugs and more on the website provided. Tell a friend to tell a friend about us. "You fuck wit us you stuck wit us!" #SINS iHeartRadio: www.iheart.com/podcast/sorry-im-…podcast-28865836/ Merch: www.eracepodcastnetwork.threadless.com Email: eracenetwork@gmail.com Twitter: @DEP_SINS @itzholle @SINS_Podcast Instagram: @DEP_SINS @itzholle @SINSpodcast

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