Why We Like What We Like & Dealing with Passive Aggression

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Dec 5, 201641m
Why We Like What We Like & Dealing with Passive Aggression
Dec 5 '1641m
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If you need a spark for your next creative idea, there is a place in your town you can go get it no matter where you live. And it is probably open right now. I’ll tell you where it is. Also, why do we like what we like? Everyone has their own tastes and preferences – but why? And what influences those tastes and preferences? It is actually quite fascinating and to discuss that, I have Tom Vanderbilt author of You May Also Like. Ever wonder why your favorite color is your favorite color? Listen and find out. Plus, passive aggressive behavior can be maddening when you are on the receiving end of it. Why do people engage in passive-aggressive behavior? And what should you do when you are confronted with it? Listen to psychologist (and U.S. Congressman from Pennsylvania) Dr. Tim Murphy author Overcoming Passive Aggression. It’s an enlightening conversation. And finally, if you ever find yourself in a game of Rock, Paper Scissors, you can dramatically improve your chances of winning. You see scientists have examined how people play – and it turns out people are very predictable. When you can predict what the other person is going to do – you almost always win. I’ll tell you how.

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