May 11, 201845m
#87 - Always Work Hard, Never Give In. Nothing Is Guaranteed.
May 11 '1845m
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Complacency is the enemy.

Sometimes we get a little too comfortable in our fitness. When that happens, we start getting complacent and taking things for granted. That was me... until this past weekend.

My 10th marathon finish was... something...

The 2018 Providence Marathon was my 3rd time at Providence, and my 10th marathon finish. It was, overall, a good day - it was not, however, what I was expecting. I had grand visions of setting a PR at my 10th full marathon and having this amazing landmark day. Instead, it was an average performance and not all that remarkable aside from it being my 10th marathon. While I may not have had a new PR and all kinds of fanfare, I DID walk away with some very valuable lessons.

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What's in this episode: 

  • It's finally warm! Like, all the time!
  • Darrell's recent nutrition efforts
  • Providence Marathon 2018
    • how it went and lessons learned
    • fight complacency and find your fire!

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