#20 - We All Only Get One Shot To Live
Jan 11 '171h 9m
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By now, we know how I feel about "limits".

If you've ever heard my podcast or read the blog you KNOW - I am a FIRM believer that the only limits we TRULY have are the ones we set for ourselves. Well, I might not have really stopped to think how or why we imagine those limits to exist in the first place.

Now, I'm thinking about it a little more.

I think I understand, just a little bit better, what keeps some people from taking the plunge. Why some of the, seemingly, most interested people ultimately leave the gym without joining. Prepare for one of those... "ooooohhhhh..." moments.

This might be one of my favorite chats yet.

Steven Hall, head honcho of Hophead Events, joins me on the show for a great chat. It's always nice to have that like-minded discussion, right?

In This Episode:

  • Who IS Steven Hall
  • 26.2 Challenge & Hophead Events
  • South Shore Food & Wine Expo
  • Risk vs. Reward
  • Failure
  • Attitude, positivity, and getting out there.
You can find Steven online: www.facebook.com/thirstygreek www.twitter.com/thirstygreek www.instagram.com/thirstygreek and find Hophead Events at www.HopheadEvents.com

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