#sonoflibertyradio - Calling Out The Liars

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Jan 27, 20192h 10m
#sonoflibertyradio - Calling Out The Liars
Jan 272h 10m
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Tonight #sonoflibertyradio will be live at 11pm EST on www.smokefreeradio.com with another #nofucksgiven show. FDA, the SG of the United States, paid Public Health Groups, State Departments of Health all claim they want to save lives and say that vaping is as bad as smoking. Vape shop owners and Eliquid millionaires universally say "Vaping Saved My Life", lie and say they "support advocacy". Thoughts and prayers might be support, but they don't pay for lobbyists, PR and countering the public image disaster vaping is in. Tonight we call out the liars, Gottlieb, Zeller, Adams, Public Health In Name Only groups and the vaping industry insiders who believe more in "Wallet Harm Reduction" than they do in "Tobacco Harm Reduction". Tonight's show is rated, "BH" listeners prone to "Butthurt" are advised to watch reruns of "My Little Pony" instead.

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