How can I sleep faster? Download the Slow App and experience the peace of sleep yourself 😴

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Mar 3, 202043m | se3 : e297
How can I sleep faster? Download the Slow App and experience the peace of sleep yourself 😴
Mar 343m | se3e297
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Soundscapes to help you sleep. We call it mixes.
A mix is a collection of many sounds that play simultaneously, creating a unique soundscape.

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No timelines, no scrubbing, no adds. All our sounds and mixes repeat forever (or until you want them to stop).

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More than 150+ carefully mixed audio experiences, recorded from every nook and cranny of the globe. Want to tune into sitting on a beach in Hawaii, a Subway in New York City, soothing monsoon rain in India, or the ambiance of a 1st class bullet train, Shinkansen, while you’re whizzing through Japan beautiful scenery. It doesn’t matter we got you.

📲 Try New Sleep App Slow for Free: 

🤗 Tonight's episode is inspired by:

“Really relaxing and feels like I’m outside in the woods I really enjoy this” - Havenelyse via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 02/29/20

Thank you for your support! We are here to help 💖

😴 As always, sleep well and good night.


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