Working Beautifully: Nail Artist Vivian Cam

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Oct 16, 201638m
Working Beautifully: Nail Artist Vivian Cam
Oct 16 '1638m
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Nail Artist Vivian Cam helps her clients have healthy and beautiful nails. She'll even go a step beyond painting intricate designs and images on her customer's nails—everything from autumn trees to minions. Vivian talked to Jacob Brogan about how she got started doing nails and how she helps clients decide on the right design for them.

In a Slate Plus extra, Vivian talks about the work she does on male customer's nails, and shares how she got over her own nail-biting habit. If you’re a member, enjoy bonus segments and interview transcripts from Working, plus other great podcast exclusives. Start your two-week free trial at

See Vivian Cam's nail art on her Instagram: @viiviiannailart

Twitter: @Jacob_Brogan

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