The Moment - Glen Phillips: 9/6/16

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Sep 6, 20161h 7m
The Moment - Glen Phillips: 9/6/16
Sep 6 '161h 7m
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Glen Phillips is a singer-songwriter best known for his work with Toad the Wet Sprocket. He has a new solo album coming out called Swallowed by the New which you can pre-order by clicking here. Today, Glen & Brian jump right into it and talk about Glen's recent divorce and other catastrophic changes in his life (4:00), writing songs about these difficult moments in life (11:30), and how hope makes its way into his music (25:00). Plus, Glen takes a look at his career and how he's now in the business of reaching less people more deeply (35:00). Also, Brian talks about a letter he sent to Glen when he was having complicated feelings about his success (45:00) and asks Glen about the advice he would give his talented daughter about entering the music business (56:00). Glen ends the show by playing an incredible rendition of a song off the new album, "Criminal Career."

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