If Then: The Court-Records Paywall Scam

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Feb 6, 201944m
If Then: The Court-Records Paywall Scam
Feb 6 '1944m
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On today’s show, hosts April Glaser and Will Oremus check in on net neutrality. Last Friday a DC court of appeals heard oral arguments for the biggest court challenge to the repeal of the open internet rules that happened last year––with all the challenges against the FCC’s gutting of net neutrality rolled into one.

And on the week of Facebook’s 15th birthday, the hosts talk about (surprise!) Facebook’s latest privacy scandal. This one involved paying people--including teens--to use a special research app that gave Facebook backdoor access to their mobile phones. But in honor of the anniversary, they’ll also talk a bit about where the company came from, where it’s going, and why all the doomsaying predictions about it haven’t seemed to come true. At least not yet.

Then, the hosts will discuss PACER, the Federal judiciary's electronic records system that has been raking in millions in fees to give people access to public court records. They’ll be joined by Deepak Gupta, an attorney who is leading the class action lawsuit against PACER, that alleges the system grossly overcharges.

16:53 - Interview with Deepak Gupta
32:52 - Don’t Close My Tabs

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