Hang Up: The His Airness Plays Ping-Pong Edition

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May 22, 20171h 14m
Hang Up: The His Airness Plays Ping-Pong Edition
May 22 '171h 14m
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Stefan Fatsis and Josh Levin and guest Jane Coaston talk about the NBA playoffs. Sean Singer also joins to discuss Enes Kanter and Turkish politics, and economist Andy Schwarz comes on the show to announce his plan to kill the NCAA’s amateur model.

NBA playoffs (2:42): A conversation about the inevitability of a third straight Cavs-Warriors finals, and whether anticipation for that series has killed the rest of the postseason.

Enes Kanter (15:50): Former Turkish Basketball Federation official Sean Singer explains how Oklahoma City Thunder power forward Enes Kanter became a political activist, and how his conflict with President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is perceived in Turkey.

A plan to kill the NCAA (30:50): Andy Schwarz rolls out the HBCU League, which would pay college players and prepare them for the NBA.

Afterballs (49:22) 

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