Hang Up: The Badly Photoshopped Flag-Burning Edition

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Dec 18, 20171h 19m
Hang Up: The Badly Photoshopped Flag-Burning Edition
Dec 18 '171h 19m
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Stefan Fatsis and Josh Levin are joined by Andrew Brandt to discuss the allegations against Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson; by Chris Nowinski to talk about the NFL concussion protocol; and by Deadspin to assess the rise of fake sports news.

Jerry Richardson (1:41): Former Green Bay Packers vice president Andrew Brandt discusses the allegations that the Carolina Panthers owner engaged in inappropriate workplace behavior, and Richardson’s announcement that he’s going to put the team up for sale. 

NFL concussion protocol (22:04): Chris Nowinski of the Concussion Legacy Foundation joins for a conversation about the recent spate of high-profile head injuries in pro football, and how to get fans and players and teams and the league to care about the dangers of big hits. 

Fake sports news (39:41): Deadspin’s David Roth talks about fake sports news stories populating websites like viralusa.org, as well as the online hoax that had some people convinced that the Washington football team had changed its name to the Redhawks.

Afterballs (58:52):

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