Gist: The Candace Owens Sideshow

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Apr 11, 201936m
Gist: The Candace Owens Sideshow
Apr 11 '1936m
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On The Gist, Candance Owens isn't digging herself out of this ahistorical, Hitler-relativizing hole. 

In the interview, Ian Chillag is back with another season of Everything Is Alive, a podcast where he interviews the everyday objects around us that we don’t think of. Chioke I’Anson is here too because he played a grain of sand with a surprising amount of philosophy packed in (he’s a philosopher himself). Is sand more Kantian or Heideggerian? And what’s it like to think as a collective? 

In the Spiel, president Trump’s public insult of Sen. Mazie Hirono rumbles on.

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