Dear Prudence: The "Unrequited Colleague" Edition

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Feb 26, 201947m
Dear Prudence: The "Unrequited Colleague" Edition
Feb 26 '1947m
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Prudence is joined this week by Janet Cheatham Bell, who left her position as a textbook editor in 1984 to become a consultant to authors, the book publishing industry, and to produce her own books. She recently moved to the San Francisco Bay Area to be near her three amazing granddaughters.

Together they tackle letters about what to do when you inadvertently become your lover’s therapist, how to handle an ex-boyfriend who keeps telling everyone you’re still together, how to handle colleagues who don’t understand that you enjoy being single without children, should you leave a job you love after a failed work affair left you with unrequited feelings for a colleague, can you salvage a friendship after sleeping with your bestie. Also, Prudie and Janet respond to a voicemail from a woman who is wondering if it’s appropriate to invite her seriously ill mentor to her wedding.

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