Dear Prudence: The "Selfish Sister" Edition

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Dec 19, 201755m
Dear Prudence: The "Selfish Sister" Edition
Dec 19 '1755m
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We’re kicking off this week with some listener feedback on good problem to have – adjusting to earning enough money for more than just the essentials of life! And then, professional trans lesbian Elizabeth Mills joins to respond to your letters! First up: My sister is asking for cash for Christmas, but I’m afraid I’d be enabling destructive habits. What’s the right gift? My fiance doesn’t want me to stay friends with someone I hooked up with once. Help! My ailing sister moved home after a life of ignoring me and expects me to see to her every need! Help! And finally: How can I let go of my worries about being “too feminine” to be trans? Hear more Prudence by joining Slate Plus:

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