Dear Prudence: The “Reverse Kids Get Off My Lawn” Edition

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Jan 9, 201846m
Dear Prudence: The “Reverse Kids Get Off My Lawn” Edition
Jan 9 '1846m
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This week we tackle the timeless question of how to eat from a jar of peanut butter in public when you don’t have a utensil. Then, farmer, educator, and food justice advocate Anna Luberoff joins to help with the mailbag. First, when dealing with overwhelming grief, how can I remain present at work and do I need to speak with my co-workers who may not always understand what I’m going through? And speaking of office politics, do I need to speak to a higher-up after attending my company holiday party even though I was off work for medical leave? And lastly, what can I do about my cat lady neighbor peering into my window early in the mornings to say hi to my cats?  Hear more Prudence by joining Slate Plus:

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