Dear Prudence: The "Opinionated Playdate" Edition

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May 7, 201957m
Dear Prudence: The "Opinionated Playdate" Edition
May 7 '1957m
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Prudence is joined this week Aymann Ismail, an award-winning podcast host, video editor, photographer, and writer at Slate whose work focuses on identity and religion. He currently hosts Man Up, an interview podcast about men and relationships, family, race, and sex.

Together they dig into letters about how to handle a boyfriend who’s frustrated because you travel for work half the year, what to do when a coworker mentions he’s a survivalist with a stockpile of guns at home, what actions to take when your child’s playdate is at the home of a racist, should you expose your bosses affair to make your own work life easier, what to do with displayed photos of your wife of 40 years now that you are widowed and dating, what to consider when your partner’s illness keeps you from physically connecting.

Slate Plus members will hear Prudie and Ismail discuss a letter writer who is wondering how to handle a dad who refuses to accommodate your mom’s needs while she’s fighting cancer. Not yet a member? Sign up at

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