Dear Prudence: The “Good (Not Great) Sex” Edition

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Mar 12, 20191h 0m
Dear Prudence: The “Good (Not Great) Sex” Edition
Mar 12 '191h 0m
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Prudence is joined this week by Sarah Shourd, a multi-media journalist based in Oakland, California. Her work combines fiction with rigorous journalism to elevate marginalized voices. She’s now working collaboratively on a graphic novel as a JSK Fellow at Stanford.

Together they tackle letters about what to do when you find yourself with diminishing social invitations because of your sickliness, how to handle your husband who wants to reconnect with his friend who was convicted of possession of child pornography, how to put the brakes on a new overbearing friendship without offending them, what to consider when the love of your life offers you good (not great) sex, how to handle a soon to be sister-in-law who demands that you remove pictures of your brother’s deceased first wife from your home.

Slate Plus members will hear Prudie and Sarah discuss a letter writer who is wondering how to stop her distant family members from using her beach house without causing a family rift.  Not yet a member? Sign up at

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