Jan 24, 201950m
Brexit - The Options
Jan 2450m
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Adam Boulton and guests discuss the options available to Theresa May as she tries to win support for a Brexit 'Plan B' among her parliamentary colleagues. With the clock ticking towards 29th March, can the Prime Minister secure a deal? Will Article 50 be delayed? Can and will a 'No Deal Brexit' be taken off the table? Will the hard Brexiteers be left with no option but to back some form of deal? We know there won't be a 'second referendum' amendment which has raised questions about the Labour leadership among the party's own MPs so what is Jeremy Corbyn's next move? Joining Adam are Sky's deputy political editor Beth Rigby, political consultant and commentator Nina Schick, deputy editor of the Article Olivia Utley and the Head of Sky Data Harry Carr.

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