True Crime. Children of God Cult Survivor

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Jan 4, 20191h 7m
True Crime. Children of God Cult Survivor
Jan 41h 7m
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*A Classic Episode, previously released under Wine & Shout Podcast in 2016. The audio, content or production may be comprised in quality.*  

Originally the concepts of the Children of God cult was based on “spiritual revolution and happiness” it would later result in child abuse and tearing families apart. River Phoenix and Rose McGowan were children whose parents were followers. The Children of God cult is a very sad part of religious history and there are untold numbers of individuals who have grown up in the group that were impacted by not having a choice simply because of their birth.

Juliana Buhring grew up in the cult, wrote the book Not Without My Sisters, then set the first Guinness World Records as the fastest woman to circumnavigate the world by bike, riding over 29,000 kilometers in a total of 152 days.

Milk Carton: Where is Thomas Nigro? Featured on , this former Army Ranger is missing. You may know where he is.

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