Scandals. FDR's Mistress w/ The Real Housewife of The Westside

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Aug 13, 201926m
Scandals. FDR's Mistress w/ The Real Housewife of The Westside
Aug 1326m
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Jess joins Carrie again- to talk about FDR's longest mistress/companion. Lucy Mercer Rutherford was Eleanor Roosevelt's social secretary in 1914. By mid-1916, it is believed Lucy and Franklin Delano Roosevelt began an affair. For the next few decades, it would be on/off, culminating finally to the day he died and she was present. 

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Audio Clips: 

-Radio Report on FDR's Death

-Geoffrey Ward on FDR's Marriage to Eleanor, National Constitution Center

-SNL's Skit on The Roosevelts

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